Aqua Tots Sensory

(Birth- 3 years)

Aqua Tots Sensory is a unique programme which provides children (From Birth-3 years old) with a rich mixture of sensory exploration and early development opportunities in a natural multi-sensory environment- the swimming pool!

Each class starts with our Welcome song and warm up stretches through fun nursery rhymes and songs. During the main part of the lesson, we practise simple sign language to encourage early communication skills linking to the weekly theme, before exploring 2-3 sensory station linking to a specific skill. We will then have some sensory free play time where there is a wide variety of items to stimulate and delight all the senses. At the end of the class, we will wind down with a relaxing lullaby massage followed by our Goodbye song.

Why we do each aspect:


Our senses help us make sense of what’s going on in our bodies and in the world around us. A baby is born with all of the cells they need for life, but they have very few connections. The more sensory rich environment they have during the crucial preschool years, the more the brain will begin to wire and the more developed the baby will become.


Learning to move, playing freely and taking risks is the key to learning.
In a pool, we see a child’s natural sense of play and their curiosity taking over as they splash and move around. Movement triggers the brain to move more and creates greater stimulation. It feels good to splash, so the brain tells the body to splash their hands and feet more. ‘The more an infant has the opportunity to move, the more control they will gain’ (Goddard-Blyth).


Music and singing has numerous benefits on a babies’ brain. Singing joins us together and creates harmony in so many ways. Music helps with patterning and sequencing skills, memory and keeping a beat. Song lyrics can help with early learning with numbers, colours, letters and body awareness. Making music together can also develop social skills, brain training, coordination and has emotional benefits.


Babies have the desire to communicate with you long before they develop the ability to speak, and learning to use sign language is one way in which they can let you know what is on their mind from just a few months old. We will introduce a few simple signs which you and your baby can use to communicate with each other.


Time to relax, wind down and enjoy closeness with you at the end of the session helps your baby assimilate everything they have done in the class and feel settled, secure and loved. For you, it's a chance to enjoy a few minutes of special time connecting with your baby before carrying on with the rest of your day.