Adult Swimming

We believe that it is never too late to learn to swim

Be Water Confident:

This Award is about gaining the confidence to enter the pool safely. It also covers the ability to move around the pool with confidence and to achieve basic core aquatic skills. These are entries, exits, buoyancy, balance and aquatic breathing.

Be a Swimmer:

By the time you earn this Award you will have the necessary skills to start swimming independently over short distances (5 to 10 metres). You won’t need support or swimming aids.

Be a Better Swimmer:

By this point you’ll be able to swim up to 400 metres independently. You’ll also have the confidence to try other pool activities, such as Aquafit or lane swimming.

Be a Master Swimmer:

Gaining this Award means you can confidently enter the Masters section of a swimming club. It’s about more advanced swimming skills to enable you to compete.