Learn to Swim Programme

(Ages 3+)

Ducklings- Duckling Awards 1-3

This course is designed to help children ages 3-4 years enjoy learning to swim with the support from an instructor. The main aim is to develop water confidence and their love of the water, through fun and engaging activities.

Foundation- ASA Stages 1 & 2

This course is designed for children ages 4+ to encourage swimming without buoyancy aids. The main aim is to ensure children feel relaxed in the water, enabling them to float independently and move with ease in the water.

Early Swimmer- ASA Stages 3 & 4

This course is designed for children who are confident in the water and are able to swim 5m distances independently without the use of floatation aids. The aim is to develop Frontcrawl & Backstroke introducing breathing skills and focussing on developing a relaxed and streamlined body position.

Improver- ASA Stages 5 & 6

The Improver course is designed for children capable of consistently swimming 25m distances on Frontcrawl and Backstroke. This course aims to introduce breaststroke and butterfly, focussing firstly on leg kick and then developing the co-ordination of the full stroke.

Advanced- ASA Stages 7-10

The Advanced course aims to continue the swimmer's journey by learning competitive skills. The course aims to develop children's stamina in distance swimming, diving skills, turns and relay takeovers. Other skill sets such as the Rookie lifeguard can be covered at this level.