Aqua Tots Classes

Babies have a natural love for the water due to having spent 9 months surrounded by water in the womb. We believe in starting your little one’s swimming from a few weeks old to encourage their relationship with the water. You can take your baby swimming at any age, both before and after they have been vaccinated (NHS).
Babies learn through repetition, word association and play, which is taught through our progressive programmes. In their first few months, your little ones will rely on supervised holds but will naturally make rhythmical swimming movements and inhibit their own breathing underwater due to their gag reflex. From around 6 months, this gag reflex reduces as they take control of their own breathing when going underwater. At around 18 months old, it is time to encourage independent swimming with the help of a buoyancy belt and arm discs. This will develop their strength and stamina along with the development of their arm and leg propulsions.
Swimming underwater plays a big part of your little one’s swimming journey. This is often a joy for parents to watch their little one glide under the water but may also be a daunting experience for some. Our experienced instructors will support you through this and will only allow your little one to submerge if both parent and little one are happy. In our lessons, a maximum of 2 submersions will take place, which will only last a few seconds, the majority of the lesson is on the water’s surface. When introducing babies to underwater swimming, we use 2 cues, a physical lift out of the water before submerging and a verbal cue, ‘name, ready, go’.

There are 3 age groups within our Aqua Tots Programme:

Birth- 9 months
10 months- 18 months
18 months- 3 years (buoyancy belt required)

Safety Hold

Little Harbour Hold

Seated Hold

Front Hold

Happy Baby Hold

Surf Hold